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Dermal Fillers

Expectations & Complications


Learn about proper placement and utilization of dermal fillers in an expansive space covering anatomy, vasculature, product selection and patient candidacy.


In this course we will discuss full face rejuvenation with fillers, patient education prior to procedure and expectations, as well as technique and most importantly, how to manage complications caused by hyaluronic acid gels.


Learn how to properly measure anatomy in order to create a proper plan of placement and create a desirable yet natural outcome. 

Course Duration: New Injectors - 3 days | Experienced Injectors - 2 days

Investment: $2,500

Other courses offered

Where most things in aesthetics are a band-aid, Sculptra is a solution to a problem. In this course we will discuss the benefits of Sculptra as well as how to properly inject areas of volume loss.

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