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A Deep Dive into Botox


Not even close to your average Botox course.

This is Robyn’s most popular approach as she is known for thinking and educating her students on the WHY of injections versus taking the “cookie cutter” approach to the face.


In this course, Robyn will dive into facial anatomy and the different botulinum options as well as proper Botox candidacy for the patient. She will also cover risks and complications as well as how to manage these scenarios.


Most importantly, the student will learn how to properly assess the full face for Botox dosing and treatment followed by how to properly inject these areas. 

Course Duration: 1 Week

Investment: $2,000

Other courses offered

Where most things in aesthetics are a band-aid, Sculptra is a solution to a problem. In this course we will discuss the benefits of Sculptra as well as how to properly inject areas of volume loss.

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