LUNA Skin and Aesthetics is a small business, with the sole owner being Robyn Luna. The Mission of LUNA Skin and Aesthetics is to provide a genuine experience for clients. This company believes in creating a journey for each client and emphasizes that aesthetics is not a one-size-fits all specialty. With superior education and compliance with remaining up-to-date on safety techniques and procedures, LUNA Skin will only offer services that are proven to be beneficial and safe to clients, rather than following current fads. Communication and developing realistic goals with each individual are the core of each visit in order to build trust and a personalized plan of care as well.

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Born and raised in a small rural town in Texas, Robyn learned from a very young age the importance of community and close relationships. Within that lesson, she knew that she was designed to serve others. After graduating from high school, she pursued a career in medicine. She earned her Associates degree in Nursing from Blinn College and began working in all facets of critical care and ER medicine around the country. While travel nursing, she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degree of Nursing from The University of Texas at Arlington while raising two children and working full-time at night. Her expansive exposure to Intensive Care and Emergency medicine around the country only deepened her knowledge of anatomy, procedural safety and patient care. She used that knowledge to begin her career in what was always her

passion: Aesthetics. Robyn continued her education at Texas Laser and Aesthetics Academy, EmpireMedical, and more to learn everything she could about Aesthetic procedures and patient care with the dream of opening up her own practice, LUNA Skin and Aesthetics. Because this specialty is her passion, she has fallen in love with learning this field and continues to pursue the highest quality of education for the safety and well-being of her clients. She strives to become the best provider in her specialty as well as be known for her outstanding and unmatched quality of care. In less than a year of being a Nurse Practitioner, she was recognized as America’s Top Nurse Practitioner for Bryan, Texas due to her dedication to patient satisfaction and advocacy. When asked why she developed LUNA skin and Aesthetics, this is her reply: “I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be in the medical field, I was very blessed to have an aunt in my family that displayed how much she changed people’s lives through surgery. I initially started out as a medical student but quickly realized that I wanted more one on one with my patients, so I switched from pursuing becoming a doctor to wanting to be a nurse. I wanted to personally impact each of their lives in a positive way, so I put in the work as a critical care nurse for nearly a decade. As much as I loved the hard work of critical care, I knew that my heart wanted to make my patients feel their very best… I would even dare to say that I wanted to show them just how much beauty I saw in each of them. I wanted to start helping my patients have the best day of their life versus just helping them get through the worst day of their life. Thus, sparked my desire to enroll in a highly accredited aesthetic academy. I became extensively knowledgeable about facial anatomy as well as much more during that time. I was that student that asked all the questions and begged for extra hands-on time because I wanted to know as much as possible. I was hooked from day one. I worked hard to become the top of my class while mentally building my company. Everything from what I wanted to represent to how I would be different from everyone else has been dreamed of for years”.



Chosen as Top Nurse Practitioner for Bryan, TX in 2021




Who’s Who Among Young Professionals in 2021